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Napoleon Douglas

Theatre Arts Major, Music and Musical Theatre Minors
Des Moines, Iowa

From a murderous barber to high school students breaking down racial barriers, I’m acquainted with my fair share of characters—on stage. Between singing, acting, dancing, and choreographing, I’ve participated in more than 10 operas, plays, and musicals while at Drake (including roles in Sweeney Todd and Hairspray). I’ve performed in China and Ireland; in front of local school kids and the foremost leaders of the Republican Party at the Republican Presidential Debate on campus. My path to these amazing experiences was anything but straightforward; much like any play or musical, my story has seen its share of twists and turns.

Act I of my time at Drake was full of indecision: I changed my major 12 times. But the professors and staff here helped me navigate my many pursuits and enabled me to explore all of my interests, from pre-med to theatre. Through all the changes, dance, music, and acting remained constants in my life.

In Act II, I decided to pursue the road less traveled: a theatre major. Not only am I passionate about acting, I also like the uncertainty that comes with trying to make it in theatre. It pushes me out of my comfort zone, and I’ve been able to accomplish feats I never thought I would.

Important Admission Dates

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January 17 - Business@Drake Day

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February 27 - Pharmacy & Health Sciences Day