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Phong Duong

Creative Advertising major, Marketing minor
Clinton, Iowa

When I came to Drake, I was an Actuarial Science major. The only problem: Math was not my strongest point, and I loved graphic design. Drake gave me the opportunity to pursue my creative side by taking an intro to advertising class, and that’s when I really found my interest. I’ve been able to explore different classes and disciplines at Drake to find a career that really fits me.

Now, as a senior in the Advertising program, I’m able to write advertisements, do graphic design, and complete projects for clients as part of my senior capstone. Because of Drake’s size, I feel right at home in my program. I’m always working with other students and faculty, and I’ve developed strong relationships with my professors.

But finding myself at Drake has been about more than academics. I’ve also been able to explore all kinds of activities on campus, like the Student Activities Board, Advertising Club, and the Drake Student Senate. I’ve made great friends, and we’ve gotten to share the Drake experience together and have memories I’ll never forget, like Drake Relays Street Painting.

In my time at Drake, I’ve gone from not knowing what I wanted to do to having a clear vision for my future. It’s all because I’ve been able to explore and find what I love to do.