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Sam Fathallah

Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Advertising major


I’m always surprised by what happens when I pull out my camera. Anytime I get to tell someone’s story is really enjoyable for me. I have transitioned from calling myself a filmmaker, documentarian, or videographer. Now I say, “I am a storyteller.” 

What I really like doing is finding people who are doing things differently, filming them, and amplifying what they are doing. The sum of all the work I do is that I’m learning how to creatively express myself through the creative expression of someone else. It’s a great way to relieve stress, and for me it’s a very spiritual sort of feeling.

Blank Canvas

Drake is such an interesting community to be around. The minute I got to campus I realized the people are just different. They are motivated, and each of them has something unique about them. Grabbing my camera and talking to someone, interviewing them—it’s like having a conversation, but so much more close. I’m surprised by the talent on campus. That’s the beauty of college and of Drake University. You have a high concentration of unique people in one area, and that makes my job as a filmmaker easy.

Filmmaking is cool because it’s the marriage between art and science, I think. Using a camera is this craft of using light around you to its advantage. That’s all science – but there’s also this artistic self-expression coupled with it.