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Leadership Concentration

Whether you aspire to run a company, lead teams, or excel in your chosen field, Drake’s hands-on undergraduate concentration in leadership allows you to develop the skills you need to succeed—regardless of the major you choose.

In the LEAD concentration you’ll learn to challenge yourself—and others—to develop a shared vision; influence individuals or groups toward the ethical achievement of common goals; improve your ability to manage change; deal with conflict toward a positive end; and gain essential skills that are key to elevating yourself in your profession and community.

The capstone experience, LEAD 190, is an immersion experience that places you in a new organization, community, or association locally or internationally where you will add value by influencing individuals or groups toward common, attainable goals.

You will also be paired with a mentor—based on your career aspirations and skill level—who will work with you to help translate classroom and experiential learning to your professional life.

LEAD 190 experiences include projects on campus and in the local community, as well as around the world with non-governmental organizations, orphanages, schools, and other entities. These opportunities are not intended to replace traditional internships, but to serve as an additional enhancement to them. Careers and internship possibilities are as varied as the students who take the concentration.

Important Admission Dates

Now - Apply for Admission for Spring or Fall 2021

October 27 - Admission 101 livestream: Essay Writing

November 3 - Virtual Sneak Peek at Drake

November 7 - Virtual Sneak Peek at Drake

November 10 - Virtual Sneak Peek at Drake

November 18 - Admission 101 livestream: Paying for College & Financial Aid