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Message from the Chair

Welcome to the website for Drake University's Program in Law, Politics, and Society.

I am honored to direct and teach in the LPS program, and am happy to share with you what makes it so unique.

The LPS program is an undergraduate, interdisciplinary, legal studies major with around 175 students. Our students have a wide variety of interests and career goals, and our faculty come from several academic fields and disciplines. One of the things that typifies our program is precisely that type of variety.

We do, however, have a common set of questions and interests. LPS majors, and faculty, tend to be most interested in the ways that law and power operate in human societies - through government, politics and jurisprudence, as well as through media, social movements, and cultural production. LPS majors at Drake University also tend to choose Drake because of the small class sizes, close interaction with faculty, outstanding peers, and the chance to engage in direct learning via internships, service learning, and experiential opportunities in Des Moines, and beyond. Many of our students engage in study abroad, and we're proud to have two former majors currently serving Fulbright fellowships in Colombia and Jordan.

On these pages, you'll find much of what you need to know to make informed decisions about whether this is the right major for you, what classes to take (and organizations to be involved in) once you get here, and where you might continue your education and work experience after you leave. Don't let them be a substitute, though, for chatting with our faculty - and feel free to contact me at

Renee Ann Cramer
Professor of Law, Politics, and Society


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