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Jack Carney
Olivia O'Hea
Bri Steirer

LPS Paper Award Winners

Jack Carney

LPS major, rhetoric minor, concentration in business law, May 2015

Choosing to study LPS here at Drake was easily one of the smartest academic decisions I have ever made. The interdisciplinary nature of the program allows for so many different opportunities to learn about the many aspects of our society and analyze the ways in which we interact with the laws that govern us. By taking a closer look into our society it prepares for many different types of post-graduation occupations and learn of the countless opportunities that are available for students after graduation. Students can use a Law, Politics, and Society degree to do everything from pursuing a law degree to Teach for America to any sort of research position of our society. The LPS program prepares all of its participants for many different post-graduate plans and gives them a very interesting perspective of our society.

Olivia O'Hea

LPS and public relations double major, May 2016

My name is Olivia O'Hea and choosing LPS is easily one of the best decisions I've made at Drake. The program has broadened my perspectives by encouraging me to look critically at the world around me, and the role I play in it. Through Drake and the LPS program I've been able to help start new campus organizations, volunteer for Barack Obama's 2012 presidential campaign and even ask former President Jimmy Carter a question at the 2012 Bucksbaum lecture. My experience with the LPS faculty and students has shown me, and continues to show me, the type of person I hope to become in my post-Drake life.

Bri Steirer

LPS, rhetoric, and politics triple major, May 2016

The LPS department is also home to some of the greatest faculty at Drake University. In my experience, the professors, advisors, and administrators are always willing to help and never afraid to push you to your absolute maximum potential. I never expected that I would be so lucky to be a part of a program that is so much more than simply studying political systems or the law of the books. As an LPS student, you can go a step further and study how these things affect the world we live in- and what could be more rewarding or relevant?

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