Master of Public Administration

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The 36 credit-hour M.P.A. consists of 21 credit-hours of core courses and 15 credit-hours of electives in a specific emphasis area.

Core Courses

  • MPA 215: Changing Environment & Management of Public & Nonprofit Organizations
  • MPA 216: Managing Human Resources as Assets
  • MPA 217: Applying Information, Research, and Analysis in Nonprofit and Public Environments
  • MPA 220: Public Budget & Financial Management
  • MPA 221: Public Organizations & Leadership
  • MPA 226: Public Policy Decision Making and Analysis
  • MPA 260: Applying Innovative Solutions to Current Problems (Capstone) 

Emphasis Areas

  • Executive Leadership & Collaborative Governance
  • Healthcare Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Nonprofit Management
  • Public Service & Social Policy
  • Individualized


Europe Travel Course

Drake University CBPA Graduate students have the opportunity to explore and experience innovative approaches to today's challenges and opportunities through travel to Europe.  Each March, 20-25 students of the Master of Public Administration choose to enroll in the course PADM 282: Comparative Management and Policy Analysis in a Global Context.

The course is taught by Professor C. Kenneth Meyer in the spring term and brings new understanding of how other cultures develop and implement creative solution to societal challenges.  The course includes 18 days of travel to Europe where students and travelers meet with city and national leaders.  The travel includes opportunity to broadly experience the culture of each nation and city. 

Learn more about the Drake Master of Public Administration program. Plan to attend an information session, discuss your educational goals with CBPA staff, or apply now.