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Faculty by Area


Conducting and Ensembles

Jazz Studies

  • Seth Hedquist, Teaching Artist, Jazz Guitar
  • Andrew Classen, Professor of Trumpet, Fred and Patty Turner Professor of Jazz Studies
  • Dr. James Romain, Assistant Director of Jazz Studies
  • Dave Altemeier, Teaching Artist, Jazz Bass
  • Paul Bridson, Teaching Artist, Jazz Trombone
  • Mark Grimm, Teaching Artist, Jazz Percussion
  • Chad Jacobsen, Teaching Artist, Jazz Recording Techniques
  • Nick Leo, Teaching Artist, Jazz Piano

Musicology & Music Theory

Music Business

  • Brandon Clark, Lecturer, Music Business

Music Education


Piano & Organ


  • Dr. Ashley Sandor Sidon, The Briggs Endowed Professor of Cello 
  • Dr. Maureen Yuen-Mathai, Assistant Professor, Violin
  • Joyce Beyer, Teaching Artist, Viola & Violin
  • David CrabbsTeaching Artist, Guitar
  • Michele Senger, Teaching Artist, Cello
  • Stephanie Graham, Teaching Artist, String Bass
  • Renee Brechtel, Teaching Artist, Violin



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