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Nelson Student Research Symposia

The purpose of the Nelson Student Research Symposia is to recognize and share high-quality undergraduate research related to international and global topics.

The Symposia enabled what previously were stand-alone Nelson Institute Conferences to partner with the Engaged Citizen Experience effort to promote a university wide discourse of global intercultural topics.


2021 Nelson Student Research Symposium 

As in past years, the Global Citizen Forum will feature the Nelson Student Research Symposium, giving Drake University students the opportunity to share their research. The 2021 Global Citizen Forum will be held March 3-5, fully online. More information about the conference can be found on our webpage

Call for Presentations

The theme is "International Perspectives on Racial Justice." While research presentations that support the theme are encouraged, all global topics from any academic discipline are welcome. Drake undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit a research paper for the symposium.

Below are a few reasons why students should consider submitting their research papers for the symposium:

  • It is a great opportunity to practice presentation skills and obtain useful feedback.
  • It is a platform for students to share the outcomes of their research on a global topic of interest.
  • It is a great addition to students' resumes, especially for graduate school.

Submission Details

Deadline: February 18, 2021

Please submit your paper or concept via the online submission form below for consideration. Dr. Senteza will respond to the author(s) about the opportunity to present at the conference within one week following the submission deadline. At that time, presentation guidelines will be provided for accepted papers.

Please contact Dr. Senteza with questions.

Submission Form

About the Global Citizen Forum

The 2021 Global Citizen Forum will take place virtually March 3-5

The Global Citizen Forum is a conference focused on themes of global importance that takes place in March each year. The Forum is part of Drake’s overall Engaged Citizen Experience (ECE). The ECE is a part of the Drake Curriculum which aims to ensure students will learn to participate effectively in democratic processes through coursework and classroom and community activities. The Engaged Citizen Experience seeks to mobilize the entire campus community to discuss a critical theme or global issue. In order to create an integrated experience, the ECE is a blend of academic and co-curricular programming. New courses and existing courses are designed to engage students in the exploration of an annual theme. Co-curricular programs, presentations, and workshops involve the larger community in the discussion.

Learn more 

Highlights from Previous Global Citizen Forums

2020 Global Citizen Forum

Theme: International Perspectives on Privilege

The Nelson Institute was proud to support Drake's Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and partner institution, the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa, in offering this forum.

Conference events included:

  • Lecture from Dr. Debanuj DasGupta titled Migration, Asylum, and Transgender Lives
  • Student workshop focused on creating equitable and inclusive service projects
  • Comedian Hayden Kristal
  • Student Research Symposium
  • Documentary screening of “Ready or Not: Black Students Experiences of South African Universities”, presented by researchers from University KwaZulu-Natal

2019 Global Citizen Forum

Theme: Perspectives on Migration

The Inaugural Global Citizen Forum was a collaboration between the ECE, Drake International, the Nelson Institute for Diplomacy & International Affairs, the Principal Center for Global Citizenship, the Office of Community Engaged Learning, the Harkin Institute, and Cowles Library.

Conference events included:

  • Lecture from Jose Galvez, a photojournalist documenting Latino experience in the United States
  • Film screening of A Little Salsa on the Prairie
  • Student Research Symposium
  • Keynote Address: Dr. Livingstone Sewanyana
  • Activism Workshops