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Global Pressing Issues Grants

Hunger, humanitarian crises, global warming, forced migration—these are among the most immediate challenges facing our world.

Through the Global Pressing Issues Grant program, the Nelson Institute seeks students and faculty to conduct research on these and other topics of broad public importance. Whether it is documenting the experiences of refugees in Des Moines or assessing and improving water quality in Uganda, this initiative aims to enhance Drake’s involvement in building a better future, and provide students with hands-on learning that enhances their understanding of deeply-rooted problems facing populations at home and abroad. 

Current projects:

Assessing, Collaborating, and Empowering to Improve Water Quality in Rural Uganda

Drake students and faculty aim to conduct a needs assessment and implement appropriate interventions to improve the utilization of clean water in rural Uganda.  

Transnational Des Moines: Reframing Des Moines Immigrant and Refugee Narratives through Collaborative Research with Youth

This qualitative research project will offer knowledge-production, collaboration, and change pertaining to the transnational immigrant and refugee experience in Des Moines.

Drake University's Presence in the Toledo District of Southern Belize:  Maximizing Our Impact While Minimizing Our Footprint

A team of Drake faculty members and students will work with Belizean partners to assess and weigh benefits against costs, such as the local resources required to help facilitate the work, across a number of diverse programs Drake offers in the Toledo District of Southern Belize.