Drake Municipal Observatory

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Public Night Schedule

Summer 2019 Lecture Series

Lectures begin at 8:00

The observatory is free and open to all

Sky Viewing will begin at about 9:45 if clear.

A relevant program may be shown until then.

Our Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Man's Venture Off Planet continues with the Story of Manned Space Flight.


Sp'am In A Can

June 7     A Hostile Environment Space is not a nice place to visit. Some extraordinary measures must be taken just to live.

June 14   Yuri, The First The space race gets scary and different priorities take hold.

June 21    A Promise & A Plan The second place country puts its money where its mouth is.

June 28   The Angry Alligator Newton’s rules of engagement. The plan unfolds and becomes history.

July 5     Fear Runs The Agenda Newly invented machinery is tested on the fly. “Tried and True” procedures turn deadly.

July 12    Conquered and Abandoned   The country keeps its promise but it doesn’t move forward.



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