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Drake Municipal Observatory

2020 Lecture Series


The term “20-20” is a synonym for having clear vision.  For the year 2020 the Drake Observatory lecture series will present a clear vision of our Solar System.  During the coming year we will follow the birth, formation, exploration and subsequent fanciful missions to the far reaches of our solar system including a stop at each of the planets, dwarf planets and some of the comets.


Lectures begin at 8:00 pm  |  Sky Viewing begins at dark, if clear |  Admission is free and open to all


Spring:    “On The Orion Spur” The formation of a solar system and its evolution.

Summer: “Taking A Closer Look” The actual investigation of our Solar System by probes.

Fall:         “Potatoes On Mars / Tube Worms on Titan” Living environments on the other celestial bodies.


Due to the COVID19 epidemic, the Drake Municipal Observatory Spring Public Night Series is cancelled. We are still planning to start the Summer Series on June 5. Keep looking up!

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