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Drake Municipal Observatory

2021 Lecture Series

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of:

The Drake University Municipal Observatory

100 years of Advancement in “Observational” Astronomy

November 5, 1921 saw the formal dedication of the Drake University Municipal Observatory.  Besides being a research grade laboratory for the advancement of Astronomy, its function was, and still is, a place where the public is invited, (actually encouraged) to observe through this  window to deep space.  At the time of its construction it was the only Observatory that had regular public observing.

Dr. Daniel W. Morehouse,  Astronomer, Physicist, and President of Drake University was the driving force behind the Observatory.  His enthusiasm is still evident within the walls of this edifice in that research and public viewing continues into its second century.

The Spring Lecture Series

A Virtual Lecture Series Due to Covid 19
The Weekly Link Is:


Lectures start at 8 P.M.

April 9 - 20th Century Begins  Astronomical truths when Dan Morehouse arrived in Des Moines from Excelsior, MN.

April 16 - The Big Eyes Improve  100 years of improvements on the astronomical light bucket.

April 23 - Seeing Beyond The Visible  There is a lot more in space than what your eyes see.

April 30 - Physics Explains The Impossible  Understanding Physics has pushed Astronomy higher than the stars.

May 7 - Climbing Above The Goop  We live at the bottom of a turbulent ocean of air.  To get a clear picture we need to rise above it.

May 14 - Looking For Neighbors  “It took Martian Engineers only two years to add to the extensive canal system”. (N.Y. Times - 1911)

To see previous programs on YouTube:   Drake Observatory Herb Schwartz

The Lectures have been recorded and are on  YouTube

Search for:  Drake Observatory Herb Schwartz

If you have questions or comments please e mail me at: Herbert.schwartz@drake.edu

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