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Drake Municipal Observatory

2021 Lecture Series

Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of:

The Drake University Municipal Observatory

100 years of Advancement in “Observational” Astronomy

November 5, 1921 saw the formal dedication of the Drake University Municipal Observatory.  Besides being a research grade laboratory for the advancement of Astronomy, its function was, and still is, a place where the public is invited, (actually encouraged) to observe through this  window to deep space.  At the time of its construction it was the only Observatory that had regular public observing.

Dr. Daniel W. Morehouse,  Astronomer, Physicist, and President of Drake University was the driving force behind the Observatory.  His enthusiasm is still evident within the walls of this edifice in that research and public viewing continues into its second century.

The 2021 Lecture Series will focus on the advancements made in Observational Astronomy and how the science has changed since the time of Dr. Morehouse.

With the cut backs due to the Covid Pandemic, there will be no summer series.

The Spring Series will Focus on the Astronomy of Dr. Morehouse and how the discipline (and the equipment) has changed since 1900.

The Fall, 2021 series will provide an inside view of how Observational research is conducted today.

We are saving the best for the last Friday night:  We are having a 100th Birthday Party.  November 5, 2021, exactly 100 years since it’s dedication, a Birthday Party of Astronomical Proportions will be thrown.

If you would like to help with the celebration a donation can be made at t his link: https://alumni.drake.edu/physicsastronomy

To see previous programs on YouTube:   Drake Observatory Herb Schwartz

The Lectures have been recorded and are on  YouTube

Search for:  Drake Observatory Herb Schwartz

If you have questions or comments please e mail me at: Herbert.schwartz@drake.edu

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