Drake Municipal Observatory

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Public Night Schedule

Fall 2019 Lecture Series

Lectures begin at 8:00

The observatory is free and open to all

Sky Viewing will begin at dark if clear.

Our Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Man's Venture Off Planet continues with the Future of Manned Exploration


Beyond the Horizon, The First Steps

September 6   Our Backyard Safari     Within 25 light years of our Sun, we have an amazing collection

                                                               of possible worlds to visit. The problem of time and distance.


September 13  Alternative Possibilities     A whole new world of deep space rocket propulsion is being

                                                                      explored which includes sending an interstellar postcard.


September 20  The Human Problem           We could mitigate almost all long term human frailty problems, except one.

                                                                     Guest Speaker: Dr. Athanasios N. Petridis: Drake University


September 27   Imagined Solutions           How Hollywood solves the problems and makes it almost believable.


October 4      Getting It Wrong        The Hollywood solution often isn’t the right one.

                                                            And they don’t even address the big problem.


October 11     F.T.L.                          What is it and is it a solution to interstellar travel.


October 18     F.T.L. Alternatives    Possible solutions to the FTL problems that have a true historical basis.


October 25     The Wait Factor        By the time your parents get there you would have beaten them and returned.




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