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2020 Lecture Series


The term “20-20” is a synonym for having clear vision.  For the year 2020 the Drake Observatory lecture series will present a clear vision of our Solar System.  During the coming year we will follow the birth, formation, exploration and subsequent fanciful missions to the far reaches of our solar system including a stop at each of the planets, dwarf planets and some of the comets.


Lectures begin at 8:00 pm  | The Lectures will be given on ZOOM  |  The invitation for each week will be posted on the bottom of this notice.


The Spring/Summer series will run for May 15 - July 10

Spring/Summer: “On The Orion Spur” The formation of a solar system and its evolution and: “Taking A Closer Look” The actual investigation of our Solar System by probes.


Fall: “Potatoes On Mars / Tube Worms on Titan” Living environments on the other celestial bodies.



July 3, 2020 : CDT Touching other Worlds: By the end of August, we will have visited 64 worlds and landed on 9 of them (not including the Earth).


Drake University is inviting you to a schedule Zoom Meeting!

Topic: Touching other Worlds  

Time: July 3, 2020 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting using the link below





Meeting ID: 843 3380 0883

Password: 902778



 Please check back every monday for the new link and new topic of the week.

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