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2019 Lecture Series

2019 is the 50th Anniversary of Man’s first steps on another world.

In Celebration of Man’s first steps, the 2019 Lecture Series will present man’s exploration of our solar system and beyond. The spring Series “Exploration by Proxy” will present man’s first attempts at space exploration. Summer series “Sp’am In A Can” will outline our quest to land a man on the moon. The fall series “Beyond The Horizon.. the First Step” will outline the possible futures of manned space travel to “where no one has gone before”.

As always, the lectures begin at 8:00 pm and sky viewing (if clear) are open and free to all.

Exploration By Proxy

March 15         Yesterday’s Dream  “The Earth is the cradle of Humanities. Man cannot
stay in the cradle forever.”-Konstantin Tsiolkovsky
March 22         The Science of Rockets   Going higher, farther and faster requires some
extraordinary machines and a lot of physics.
March 29         Short Hops and a Long Leap  A surprise causes world-wide panic.
Discoveries beyond our senses.
April 5             Baby Steps  The systematic invasion of our closest neighbor. A secret
revealed? Water!!!
April 12           The Incredible Flyby      Four planets later and it keeps on going and
going and going….

April 19           Landings   It’s OK to fly by, but there is nothing like “being there”.

April 26          Mars  The Cubbys have a better record at getting to first base than all
the Earth’s space agencies combined at getting to Mars.
May 3              Pluto and Beyond    Not a Planet? Some second thoughts! Some
creation theories, confirmed!
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