Drake Municipal Observatory

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2019 Lecture Series

2019 is the 50th Anniversary of Man’s first steps on another world.

While exploration by proxy is still the rule, nothing can take away from the experience of actually being there.  Landers have accomplished remedial investigation of a few other worlds but the ability of looking under a rock or wadding across an ancient stream bed is absent.

In Celebration of Man’s first steps, the 2019 Lecture Series will be the exploration of the planets within and beyond our Solar System.  The spring Series will present the history and the first steps off world.

Summer will outline our quest to land a man on the moon.  The fall series will outline the possible futures of manned space travel to “where no one has gone before”.

The Spring Series  “Exploration by Proxy”  will begin Friday, March 15 @  8  P.M.

As always, the lectures and sky viewing (if clear) are open and free to all.

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