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2019 Databook

I.    Drake University

II.  New Student Data

III. Enrollment Comparisons, Multi-Year

IV. Graduation, Outcome, and Retention Rates

V.   Faculty


VI.   Staff


OIRA is continuing the transition to a new format for the Databook. OIRA is providing a new set of data for majors using a different methodology, which will allow for historical 5-year information in a single report.

Readers should note some important differences in this reporting format:

  1. As always, this is a duplicate count and will not match our unduplicated enrollment figures.
  2. This historical information should not be checked back to previous Databook publications because it represents a “snapshot” of data taken on 9/11/2019 – the day of the 10-day census.
  3. Readers will not see the first, second, third, etc. distinction in majors. If a student has declared and recorded a major, it is reflected in the report.
  4. Majors/Minors/Concentrations are alphabetically listed, Majors also includes student level.

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