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*Information will be populated as it is available.  An annoucement will also be made in OnCampus once the 2020 Databook is complete.

I.    Drake University

II.  New Student Data

III. Enrollment Comparisons, Multi-Year

IV. Graduation, Outcome, and Retention Rates

V.   Faculty

Faculty Tenure Status- Historical

  • Faculty Demographics - Historical - Full Time and Adjunct
  • Faculty by Gender

VI.   Staff

  • Staff by Category


OIRA is continuing the transition to a new format for the Databook. OIRA is providing a new set of data for majors using a different methodology, which will allow for historical 5-year information in a single report.

Readers should note some important differences in this reporting format:

  1. As always, this is a duplicate count and will not match our unduplicated enrollment figures.
  2. This historical information should not be checked back to previous Databook publications because it represents a “snapshot” of data taken on 9/11/2019 – the day of the 10-day census.
  3. Readers will not see the first, second, third, etc. distinction in majors. If a student has declared and recorded a major, it is reflected in the report.
  4. Majors/Minors/Concentrations are alphabetically listed, Majors also includes student level.

    • All Majors
    • All Minors
    • All Concentrations
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