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Areas of Inquiry

Areas of Inquiry are a set of requirements in a variety of academic disciplines that apply to all students at Drake, regardless of major. Note that no double counting of courses across Areas of Inquiry is permitted. In other words, even if a course is listed under more than one Area of Inquiry (as some are), that respective course may be counted only once, toward one of the Areas where it appears, but not toward more than one. However, major requirements may count double towards both your degree and completing your Areas of Inquiry.

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*Please note that some AOI requirements will be completed as an upperclassmen.

Honors Program Track

As an alternative to the Areas of Inquiry requirements, students may fulfill the Drake Curriculum by completing the requirements of the Honors Program Track listed below. To complete the Honors Program Track, students must successfully complete the following Honors Program Track Requirements:

One laboratory science course from AOI lists for either Physical or Life Sciences
One course from AOI list for Quantitative Literacy
One course from AOI list for Artistic Experience
HONR100: Paths to Knowledge (4 credit class)
15 additional credits in Honors
In addition, a student may graduate with Honors if they complete the Honors Program Track, successfully complete a Senior Honors Thesis, and maintain an overall 3.2 GPA.

If you are interested in an introduction to the Honors Program here at Drake, Honors 001 is a great, one-credit opportunity to explore what the Honors Program Track has to offer before officially declaring. For more information about the Honors Program, go to the Honors Program web page.

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