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Academic Assessments

Language Placement

A placement test is required only if you plan on continuing in a foreign language for elective credit or if required by your major (international business or international relations).

  1. If you plan to continue studying a language you have already studied:
    • You will need to take the test.
  2. If you have no previous experience studying the language and wish to enroll in a language course:
    • You do not need to take the test.
  3. If you are not enrolling in a language course your first semester at Drake:
    • You should not take the test.

Language Placement Test SitePassword: WLCfall16 

Math Readiness Assessment

You will need to complete the Math Readiness Assessment, accessible through blueView (instructions below). The Math Readiness Assessment will ask you a series of questions to direct you to the appropriate readiness assessment or to enter your AP Calculus or Calculus transfer credit information. Completion is REQUIRED prior to advising for registration and enables the College/School offices to determine the math course that is best suited to you and your program of study.

  • Use Safari (Mac) or Internet Explorer (PC)
  • Log into BlueView
  • Click on the Blackboard link in the upper right-hand corner
  • On the right under My Courses, click Orientation Course—Summer 2018
  • Select the Math Readiness Assessment button at left
  • Complete the assessment or enter college-level credit as directed

If you experience any access issues, please contact the Drake Help Desk. 1-800-44-DRAKE (37253), x3001 or (515) 271-3001

Music Theory Assessment 

Music majors will receive information on this assessment in late May.

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