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Registration Process at Orientation

This guide is intended to help you start thinking about registration; Drake University is ready to partner with you to create your schedule when you arrive at Orientation. During the college meeting on the first day of orientation, each student will be assigned a time and location to register for classes. Please be advised that registration times cannot be reassigned and will likely take the entire time, so please plan travel accordingly. During your registration time, classes will be selected in consultation with an academic advisor from your respective college or major. Specific electives will also be recommended per your individual class schedule.

Keep in mind that your college schedule will look very different from your high school schedule, taking five classes in one day or choosing specific class days and times might not be feasible. However, Drake faculty, staff, and orientation leaders will be on site to ensure registration is as smooth and stress free as possible!

*We recommend that parents take this time to attend our Parent Panel, please see the schedule of events for details.

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