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World Languages & Culture Letter to Entering First Year Students

First-year students who have previously studied a language and are interested in continuing their studies at Drake are required to take the WebCape Placement Exam. We require you to take this exam so that the course into which you place will best match your current ability level. This will enable you to use your time optimally.

Find the description below that matches your situation.

If you plan to continue studying a language you have previously studied, take the test.

If you have never taken a language, but are interested in taking a language at Drake, do not take the test and enroll in the first-semester course of that language.

If you are not enrolling in a language course your first semester at Drake, but are interested in continuing your studies later, take the test. This will assist us in placing you in the correct course when you are ready to register for a course.

If you are unsure of whether you should take the placement test or not, please contact us at

The placement test should be taken by students between April 1st and at least 24 hours before your orientation session. The test will be taken online, accessed through blueView from the “New Student Information” tab. Please allot one hour for the exam. There is a $5 fee for each exam taken, which will appear on your first Drake bill.

Students will be notified of the test results immediately upon completion of the test. Students should make note of their placement level for Summer Orientation registration for fall classes.  

Instructions on accessing the exam

  1. Log in to BlueView.
  2. Choose the "New Student Information" tab.
  3. On the World Languages and Cultures channel, you will see a box of information for taking the language assessment.
  4. There you will find the password and a link to the placement exam.
  5. Click on the link, enter the password, and choose your language.
  6. Fill out the profile survey using your Drake i.d. Then begin the exam.


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