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Drake Recreation

The Drake Intramural schedule is packed full of non-contact fan favorite sports. Volleyball, badminton, and pickleball leagues provide a good mix of relaxed fun and physical activity. These leagues all have multiple weeks of regular season play followed by a playoff tournament to decide a champion. We are also offering many single-day events, such as a 3-point contest and a tennis tournament. The single day events are perfect for students that want to play a sport but cannot commit to a weekly game time.

One of the newest additions to the Bell Center is our very own miniature golf course. The homemade mini-golf course is host to a league with over 20 teams that play each week. All intramural activities follow strict health and safety procedures to keep participants safe.



GroupX is off to a great start! It has been fantastic to see participants come to the studio for in-person classes, and virtual classes are still a hit too! Two new instructors have joined the team, and we are looking for more! Drake Wellness is hiring office assistants, as well as group exercise instructors, and neither position requires any previous experience. To apply, email


To learn more about these jobs, as well as other things happening at Drake Rec, check out our social media! 

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  • Twitter: DrakeRec
  • Instagram: DrakeRec
  • TikTok: DrakeRec
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