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Exciting Addition to Off Campus Bulldog Bucks Program!

Starting November 1st, we've added a new partner to the Off Campus Bulldog Bucks program. Your student can now add their Campus Card as a payment method for GrubHub purchases! Adding their Campus Card to the GrubHub platform will also give them free access to GrubHub+, which gives access to unlimited free deliveries and more exclusive perks for no additional monthly fee.  We hope that in addition to our established neighborhood Bulldog Bucks Merchants, your student will also use this new partnership with GrubHub to expand their network of convenient dining options, both in Des Moines or as they travel. 

You can also rest easy knowing that these funds cannot be used on alcohol purchases in either the local merchant locations OR on GrubHub.  We encourage you to gift your student Bulldog Bucks to expand their dining options, if you wish! You can visit the website to see which neighborhood businesses, along with GrubHub restaurants, can accept Bulldog Bucks. Funds can also be added at that site - you just need your student’s email address to do a “guest” deposit. These funds carry forward from semester to semester as long as your student is an active cardholder at Drake, and can be loaded in any amount, at any time. 

Please note that Bulldog Bucks are not the same as meal plan funds - meal plans can only be used on campus at Drake Dining locations. Bulldog Bucks can be used for on and off campus food, Drake Bookstore purchases, and printing transactions. 

We hope your student will take advantage of ordering food both on and off campus with this new partnership. If you have any questions about this new program, feel free to contact

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