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Violence Prevention Opportunities

Students are invited to engage in two opportunities throughout the semester that will allow them the opportunity to grow outside the classroom.  The Office of Prevention Education and Programs is hosting a Prevention Ambassador Training in October.  This training is for any student looking to help create a healthy and safe environment at Drake.  They will learn about bystander interventions and gain a greater understanding of how to prevent incidents of sexual assault and dating violence on campus.  Encourage your student to be on the lookout for training information.  

The Office for Prevention and Programs also host a weekly meeting called Positive MENtality.  This meeting was creating by 3 male athletes who were looking to create a space to have real and authentic conversations.  This peer lead group discusses a variety of topics throughout the semester that allow them to open up and create real connections with one another.  If your student is struggling to find a place to fit in, Positive MENtality might be something from them to check out.  They meet Mondays at 8pm in Upper Olmsted, Drake Room. 

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