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Advanced Practice Experiences

The entire final year of the professional program (P4 students) is spent involved in advanced practice rotations:  four required rotations (hospital practice, community practice, ambulatory care, acute care) and four elective rotations (specialty or non-patient care), all five weeks in duration. ACPE accreditation standards require 36 weeks of rotations. Drake University requires their graduates to have 40.

Community Practice
200 Hours
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A Community Practice experience is carried out under the guidance of a licensed pharmacy practitioner.  Emphasis is placed upon development and demonstration of skills required in planning, organizing, directing and controlling pharmaceutical care systems.  Consequently the majority of the students’ time will be devoted to professional practice functions related to maintenance of drug products, provision of drug products to patients, computer utilization, management of human and financial resources, and the business aspects of pharmacy practice.  Students are required to counsel patients, provide appropriate drug information and participate in the identification, resolution and prevention of drug-related problems for specific patients.