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Matthew Record

Assistant Professor
Office Location: Howard 230

Matthew Record is an assistant professor of Public Policy and American Politics in the Political Science department at Drake University Prior to joining the Drake faculty in 2021, Matthew was a Professor of Public Administration at San Jose State University. 

Matthew’s research interest focuses on housing policy, local capitalism, and civic society. His work explores how political and social institutions curate our surroundings to encourage or discourage people to be civically minded. When people buy housing, they buy a basket of amenities, necessities, social connections, and access to employment. Where are we succeeding at getting people into their appropriate housing? What programs and which institutional actors act as gatekeepers? 

Before earning his doctorate in Public Policy and Management from the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio State University, Matthew worked as a real estate appraiser and appraisal reviewer before and during the height of the housing boom in the mid-2000s- often examining reports and corroborating the research in an overheated market where drive-by, low documentation and sloppy reports were the norm. In 2007, the real estate market crashed and his work shifted to the dark side of an economic boom period: researching and inspecting abandoned homes that had been foreclosed upon - often in such a hasty manner that the families had to leave many of their possessions behind.  

In addition to his academic placements, Matthew worked as a policy research assistant at the Ohio Housing Finance Agency in 2013 and 2014 and worked under a research contract for Fannie Mae from 2015-2017. 

Matthew is primarily responsible for reaching the policy curriculum at Drake, including American Public Policy, and Policy Analysis, as well as specific courses on Social, Environmental, Housing, Food, and Economic Development Policy. 

Aside from being a political junkie, Matthew is a musician (sort of, a drummer) and an avid boardgamer who is deeply interested in how games can be used to simulate and reinforce educational goals. 

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