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Exercising Your Character


This isn't your average field trip!

Exercising Your Character features motivational messages about heath, wellness and the importance of good character.

10:30 am - Noon
Hy-Vee Hall, Des Moines

This event is open to any Iowa 4th and 5th grade students and registration is free. 

Plus, schools will receive bus stipends and each attendee will receive a t-shirt and lunch.

Curricular resources will be provided to educators to enhance your student's learning experience!

Hy-Vee has sponsored Exercising Your Character since 2007 in cooperation with The Ray Center and the Iowa Sports Foundation. During the event, students will be led by dancers through several fun, upbeat songs that gets kids up and moving to complete 30 minutes of aerobic activity! 

This is a great added benefit if you are participating in the Go the Distance Day program – these 30 minutes can count towards your goal!  Lunch will be provided to all students as they return to their buses.  Students will also receive a t-shirt prior to the event for participating in the day.  The event does provide a handicapped accessible entrance and space inside the hall. 

Please note this event is loud and there will be a “quiet space” designated for viewing through video capability.  Registration for the event is free, and your school will be provided with a bus transportation allowance.


Curriculum Materials:  






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