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Pursuing Victory With Honor Summit

 Coaches and educators can receive 4 lesson plans on topics like responsibility, overcoming adversity, team connection, and challenging conversations.

As the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic impact the globe and social justice movements gain momentum across the country, the importance of positive, effective leadership is apparent. Leadership is a skill that can be taught and improved.

  • In four lessons, participants will learn strategies for taking personal and collective responsibility, navigating hard conversations, and overcoming adversity as they consider how to lead for positive change in their classrooms, teams, and communities.
  • Each lesson features a 5-10 minute video of a leader describing how their character allowed them to find success in athletics, art, or in life.
  • You may use these resources within your entire school building.
  • Resources will be accessible for download and use for one year.
  • All four lessons are available for a $100 registration fee.  Register today!
  • View a sample lesson


Session Topics


Overcoming Adversity
Lesson video by JJ Moses, Iowa State University football player and NFL wide receiver

According to speaker and author Andy Andrews, “Adversity is preparation for greatness.” Much as we try to avoid obstacles and challenges, the reality is that when pursuing meaningful goals, adversity will appear.

Participants will use a Goal Map to plan for all the challenges they will face in pursuit of a goal, and learn Grow and Let Go strategies to reframe adversity as a challenge and mistakes and failures as learning opportunities to help them achieve their goal.


Personal and Collective Responsibility
Lesson video by Emily Tinsman, Miss Iowa

To be a productive member of a successful team, we must accept responsibility for how our actions impact our own lives, and the success of the group as a whole.

Participants will learn to use an Integrity in Action Checklist to test their decisions to ensure they are making choices that are best for themselves and the group. Moreover, participants will learn how to craft a group touchstone that reflects the standards for success that all group members must follow to do great work and treat each other with care and respect.


Leading Change
Lesson video by David Harris, athletic director, University of Northern Iowa

Social justice movements have taken center stage this year, encouraging us all to examine what we can do to bring about positive change in our communities and think about how we can work together to do our best work and treat one another with respect and care.

Participants will learn how to use a Compact for Excellence to establish group norm so that every group member can do their best work and be treated well. Building an effective Compact requires us to define our common goal, build relationships, and understand other perspectives. The materials in this lesson will provide tools and strategies to enhance each of these skills so that your group, team, or class can work well together. 


Hard Conversations
Lesson video by Rheya Spigner, Anchor/Reporter at KCCI-TV

One of the most challenging aspects of leadership is being able to give and receive constructive feedback. As a leader, you will inevitably face criticism of your decisions, constructive and destructive, as well as provide feedback to others.

Participants will learn Care-frontation strategies that, if used, can help us navigate hard conversations and hold one another accountable with care rather than contempt. Students will learn how to evaluate whether the feedback they are giving or receiving is destructive, neutral, or constructive, and hone important skills like finding common ground, listening to understand, and owning their mistakes.


Questions? Contact Hilary at or 515-271-2915.

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