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K-12 Education

Our one-of-a-kind approach combines the common language of CHARACTER COUNTS! with the research-based strategies from Excellence with Integrity.  This combination of resources utilizes a framework for systemic community-wide engagement with the resources that provides students with 21st Century Skills they can use daily.

Our research-based approach can help young people to learn the skills to be well-rounded students (and future employees) of the 21st century, where excellence and ethics are critical components to success. Our curriculum helps schools shape an intentional culture by teaching students skills that can 

  • increase academic achievement 
  • improve student retention 
  • enhance college and workforce preparation 
  • and reduce disciplinary problems. 


Our Services


Based on a variety of student, faculty/staff and parent surveys, we can provide you with an inside look at the culture of your school and the integrity of your program implemtation.

Curriculum and Professional Development

Your assessment results can be used to target the areas in need of the most attention. We can also provide your team with professional development to help educators learn how to integrate character-building educational tools into their regular classroom instruction. Our flexible menu allows you to choose the areas on which to focus.  

Choose one or use them all:

  • The Six Pillars of Character (Learn more about the Six Pillars)
    • Trustworthiness (promise-keeping, integrity, honesty, loyalty)
    • Respect (tolerance, the Golden Rule)
    • Responsibility (determination, perseverence, work ethic)
    • Fairness (following rules, sharing)
    • Caring (love, kindness, forgiveness)
    • Citizenship (doing your share, taking care of environment, voting)
  • Work Ethic, Critical Thinking, Goal Achievement 
    • Committing to high standards and continuous improvement through work ethic, self-management, and goal achievement
    • Exhibiting critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and innovation 
  • Integrity, Responsibility, Leadership
    • Demonstrating emotional intelligence, integrity, and responsibility
    • Leading and serving others 
  • Communication, Collaboration, Teamwork 
    • Communicating and collaborating with efficiency and effectiveness 
    • Developing teamwork through positive and productive relationships
  • Priority Management, Stress Reduction, Well-Being 

    • Managing priorities and time, managing and reducing stress
    • Living a purposeful, balanced and healthy life 


Coaching and Support

We’ll provide you with continued help as your school utilizes the new strategies. 

Check out our resources for PK-12 Schools and Educators




If you'd like more information on improving the culture of your school through character education, please contact us at 515-271-1910 or


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