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Sports present a uniquely powerful tool for building and demonstrating character, and should assist athletes in developing strong personal character by promoting a commitment to compete and live according to principles of sportsmanship.

In May 1999, the Josephson Institute of Ethics convened a meeting of influential sports leaders – including university presidents, athletic directors, coaches, journalists, and youth organization executives – to articulate a common framework of principles addressing the ethical and character-building aspects of sports. The result was the Arizona Accord, a document of 16 core principles that establish an ethical framework and common language of values that can be adopted and practiced widely.

We’d be happy to meet with your team and coaches to help you get a sports initiative started. We’ll help educate your team about the differences between sportsmanship & gamesmanship and will focus on preparation, hard work, self-discipline and the appropriate role of sports in education. We’ll also be your guide throughout your continued efforts.

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