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How would you describe the culture of your company? Do you see communication and collaboration among employees? What about time and priority management? These abilities are essential to develop and keep employees who strive for excellence and create a positive workplace culture. 


Fundamental to success, these four focus areas can guide your organization to achieving your goals. 

Work Ethic, Critical Thinking, Goal Achievement 
  • Committing to high standards and continuous improvement through work ethic, self-management, and goal achievement 
  • Exhibiting critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, and innovation 
 Communication, Collaboration, Teamwork 
  • Communicating and collaborating with efficiency and effectiveness 
  • Develop teamwork through positive and productive relationships 
Integrity, Responsibility, Leadership 
  • Demonstrating emotional intelligence, integrity, and responsibility 
  • Leading and serving others 
Priority Management, Stress Reduction, Well-Being 
  • Managing priorities and time, managing and reducing stress 
  • Living a purposeful, balanced and healthy life 


Our Four-Step Approach

Our research-based approach can help your mission, vision and values come to life as your team learns the skills to be well-rounded employees of the 21st century, where excellence and ethics are critical components to success. 


Based on battery of employee surveys, we can provide you with an inside look at the culture of your company. Learn more about our assessment tools.

Data-Driven Planning 

Your assessment results can be used to target the areas in need of the most attention. 

Customized Training 

Our flexible, engaging trainings are aligned to your organization’s mission while providing strategies for skills identified in the assessments. 

Coaching & Support 

We’ll provide you with continued help as your organization utilizes the new strategies.


Customized Assessments

In addition to the resources above, we can customize assessments for your organization.  

For example:  In partnership with The Greater Des Moines Partnership, a major Midwest partnership of economic and community development organizations,  we designed, deployed and analyze the Central Iowa Human Capital Survey. The survey assesses local talent in the community and in the workplace. The survey is deployed annually to over 4,700 businesses and their employees. The data analysis and reporting provide direction to community leaders on additional efforts needed to improve the quality of life in Central Iowa.


Case Study

MidAmerican Energy and Prairie Meadows sought the expertise of the consortium partnership between the Excellence with Integrity Institute and The Robert D. and Billie Ray Center at Drake University, drawing upon their diverse workplace culture assessment and development experiences.  View the MidAmerican case study.  View the Prairie Meadows case study.


Check out our resources for the workplace




If you'd like more information on improving the culture of your workplace, please call us at 515-271-1910.

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