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RaySociety Board of Directors Meeting
September 14, 2016
Drake University, Meredith Hall, room 203

Board members present: Dale Berry, Denny Davis, Bob Henderson, Paul Horvath, Stacey Henderson, Martha James, Myrt Levin, Ken Popken, Jayne Sullivan, Jon Torgerson, Granville Williams

Staff members present: Teresa Bartschat, Vici Bice, Linda Judd

Call to order: Paul Horvath, President, called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.

Approval of the minutes: Jon Torgerson moved to approve the June 9th, 2016 board meeting minutes. Seconded by Bob Henderson. Motion carried.

President’s report: Items covered by Paul: *The door to Meredith 203 sticks and is loud to close. Staff will look into this. *Bylaws: at our last meeting the possible need for a solicitation policy was discussed. A copy of Drake University’s solicitation and distribution policy is enclosed in today’s packet for review. We will revisit this topic at the next meeting after all have had a chance to look at Drake’s policy. * Course vouchers for instructors – Paul made us aware that our policy on our instructors use of vouchers needs to be clarified in the case of instructor guests signing up for free RaySociety classes and activities. The board agreed that instructors, like other membership categories, can sign up for free classes and activities without using a voucher, but their non-member guests must use a voucher for free activities since the free instructor membership does not transfer to the guest. *American Republic Insurance (through John Smith, VP for Alumni and Development) has approached the RaySociety with an offer to sponsor our annual meeting. Part of American Republic’s mission is life-long learning. American Republic proposes funding the cost of the annual meeting with $5000. An acknowledgement of the sponsorship from American Republic would be made in the annual meeting brochure. There was discussion of the pros and cons of corporate sponsorship. Jon Torgerson moved to accept American Republic’s proposal. The motion was seconded. The motion was unanimously approved. Teresa Bartschat will contact John Smith and let him know.

Provost’s Report: Provost Sue Mattison was absent but had conveyed her excitement to be involved with the RaySociety. She hopes to attend the November meeting.

Coordinator’s Report: Items covered by RaySociety Coordinator Teresa Bartschat: *The 2016-17 list of board members was distributed. It was noted that based on the current bylaws, only the most recent past president is a member of the board. Thus, Jim Wise should come off of the list. *Technology Updates: Meredith 203 has a new projector that is HDMI compatible. A new laptop for use in the classroom has been ordered. *Teresa Krejci, Chief Financial Officer with Drake University, has contacted Teresa Bartschat with a request to see the June 30, 2016 RaySociety treasurer’s report. Teresa B. furnished the requested information to Teresa Krejci. In their conversation, Teresa K. mentioned that the RaySociety is the only campus unit that does not use zero balance budgeting, and that all other units are being asked to cut their budgets by 4-8 %. *On-line registration and payment: Linda Judd has led the staff’s research efforts to find a software program to facilitate online membership renewal and class registration. After hearing our program needs, Drake IT personnel encouraged the staff to look for an outside vendor. IT personnel made some vendor recommendations. The staff is currently scheduling demos of each program. The staff asked the board whether or not we should continue this research. Board members encouraged the staff to continue the research and come back to the board with a proposal. *There was some discussion about how big our organization could/should grow in terms of membership. There was mention of parking issues and classroom space. Ken Popken suggested that we find out what Drake’s plan is—we should not just speculate; we need to know the variables. *The staff is occasionally asked to promote events and programs for other groups. The board supported Teresa’s recommendation that we use our discretion in promoting mostly Drake programs.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Ken Popken took us through the financial report. He pointed out one change in the contingency funds. End total of prior fiscal year, $121,939.98. There were no questions.

Committee Reports:

Membership and Marketing – Committee Chair Jayne Sullivan reported: * 35 volunteer slots at the state fair were filled by RaySociety members * Dale and Jo Berry appeared on KCCI with Mollie Cooney to promote the RaySociety, resulting in several inquiries and new members * Members of committee will follow-up with non-renewals * Question whether or not we should do paid advertising; we will simply continue to do promo events (ie: DMU Senior Health Fair) * New business cards used for promotion * Goal should be to make up for attrition of about 100 each year over the past three years

Campus Socials – Committee Chair Bob Henderson reported on the upcoming RaySociety social for the homecoming football game.

Community Events – Committee Chair Bob Haskins was absent.

Programming – Committee Chair Denny Davis read through the participation numbers for the current semester. There are 35 options in the works for spring 2017 semester.

Nominating – Committee Chair Stacy Henderson had no report at this time.

Old Business – None

New Business – None

Adjournment – Paul Horvath adjourned the meeting at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Vici Bice RaySociety

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