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Seating for Guests

The Knapp Center doors will open at 9:00 AM. Open seating is available for all guests. The size of the Knapp Center allows enough space for all graduates to invite an unlimited number of guests (Knapp Center Commencement Setup).

Some guests like to refer to the student seating charts to plan where they want to sit in the Knapp Center. The student seating chart for the May ceremonies can be viewed here approximately 2 weeks prior to the events.

Guests with disabilities and a limited number* of family members may sit in the designated seating area on the main floor of the track level. Wheelchairs are not provided. Guests may use the ramps on the south entrance or the arena level entry door on the east side of the building. An elevator is located on the southeast side of the main entrance.

The ceremony will be interpreted at the south side of the stage for students or guests who have hearing disabilities.

*Limited seating is available for family members who accompany those with special needs. Although we hope all families may sit together, please be considerate of seating limits.

Special note:

Please do not bring to the ceremonies any objects that contain latex.

At least one of our current Drake students has a latex allergy. Exposure to latex in certain forms may be life threatening. Therefore, we ask that you do not bring latex objects, such as latex balloons, to any of the commencement ceremonies.

If you have latex items that are medically related and need to be used at any of the ceremonies, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 515-271-2025.

We appreciate your cooperation.

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