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Spring 2013 Commencement Program

PDF versions of the spring 2013 commencement program will be published to this site beginning in April, 2013.

Students, if you plan to attend the commencement ceremony, you must indicate your intentions to do so on your graduation application. If your plans change after you have submitted your graduation application, please contact, as the seating arrangement for the ceremony is dependent on this information.

If we don't know you're coming to commencement, you will not have a seat.

Additional Notes for Graduates:

I. If you have not filed a graduation application by Friday, February 15th, there is no guarantee that your name will appear in the commencement program because of printing/proofreading deadlines. Please file your application ASAP. Your graduation application not only gets your name listed in the program, it also reserves you a seat among the graduates from your college during the commencement ceremony and ensures that the college will process your degree release in a timely manner.

II. According to a Faculty Senate ruling from Spring 2005, colleges will not be able to "release your degree" if you have an Incomplete grade (I) earned in any course from Spring 2005 to the present time. Until your degree is released, no diploma will be mailed and your transcript will not say you have graduated. Keep this in mind as you complete this semester's work.

III. Related to item II above, if all the work for your degree is not completed within 45 days after the end of the term your graduation term will be moved forward to the next term. That is, if you are an anticipated May graduate but you still have outstanding work by July 1, 2013, your diploma and transcript will not say you are a May graduate. Your official graduation date will be moved forward toAugust, 2013. Course work taken during the summer 2013 semester will yield an official graduation date no earlier than August, 2013.

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