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Registration Phases

Registration occurs in phases.

Phase I

  • A pre-determined set of courses will be reserved for students who have declared the appropriate field-of-study (major, minor, concentration, or endorsement) for the course.
  • If any of the reserved courses becomes full, an online wait list will be activated for it. The same field-of-study requirements also apply to the wait list.
  • No automation of wait lists will occur during this phase.
  • At the end of this phase, college/school dean's offices will review the wait lists and make any necessary enrollment adjustments.

Phase II

  • Reserved courses will be made available to students of all fields-of-study (and their wait lists, if they exist).  All permanent registration restrictions, such as pre-requisites, classification (seniors, juniors, etc.) restrictions, and level (undergraduate, graduate, etc.), restrictions will remain in place, and some courses still may be reserved for an expanded set of fields of study.
  • Students who did not meet the field-of-study restrictions during Phase I but do meet the permanent restrictions may register (or wait-list, if available) for the course.
  • Shortly after Phase II begins, online wait lists will become automated.

Phase III

  • This phase begins with the start of the semester.
  • myDrake will not be available for students to perform adds or drops.
  • To add or drop a class, students must obtain the appropriate signatures on add/drop slips and submit the slips to their dean's office.
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