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Marilyn Bordwell DeLaure, Rhetoric '93

I graduated in 1993 with a B.A. in Rhetoric (though it was called Speech Communication back then). At Drake, I also minored in Political Science, almost minored in Economics, was a Student Ambassador, and directed a dance concert for my Honors Senior Thesis. After graduating, I worked for a year in a law office in Seattle, and then decided that I wanted to pursue further studies in rhetoric rather than attend law school. So, I returned home to earn a Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. I now teach at the University of San Francisco, and feel incredibly lucky to be earning a living in a job that 1) involves reading, reflecting, writing, and meeting many smart and interesting new people; 2) has a good deal of flexibility in terms of schedule (great for family life) and subject matter (I can pursue a wide range of interests); 3) enables me to contribute to the greater good, at least in some small way, by teaching critical thought and civic engagement; and 4) keeps me in touch with young people immersed in a most exciting time of their lives. Majoring in Rhetoric at Drake opened me to new ways of thinking about the world and set me on the path to a very fulfilling career.

Alesha Hawkins, Sociology '11

After graduating from Drake I went into the Master’s of Criminal Justice program at Simpson. I will be graduating from the program this December. Graduating from Drake and Simpson have been milestones for me in reaching my goal of doing criminal justice and social science research and advocacy. Each placed strong emphasis on social justice issues important for working in the field. The sociology program at Drake also helped prepare me for success in my master’s program in the areas of reading, writing, and critical thinking. All of this helped me in doing a collaborative social science project in my Master’s program that was accepted to a national conference.

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