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Arturo Marquez Jr.

fall 19Assistant Professor of Cultural Anthropology
Office Location: 105D Howard Hall

Arturo Marquez Jr. (Ph.D. Northwestern) is a sociocultural anthropologist with expertise in immigration, transnationalism, and transcultural psychiatry.  His current research is focused on the politics surrounding “irregular” housing, employment and migrant legal statuses in Spain, and the transnational ways of being and belonging West Africans embody as they counteract structural forces beyond their immediate control.  Trained in medical and psychological anthropology, Marquez Jr. seeks to understand lived experience from an existential and phenomenological perspective, placing special emphasis on the intersubjective stakes people face as they dwell in lifeworlds that are overtly or tacitly contested in the local and transnational context of social signification.  

 In addition to Southern Europe, Marquez Jr. has research and teaching experience in West Africa and Eastern China.  While at Drake University, Marquez Jr. looks forward to working with students on developing critical theory on subjectification and subjectivity grounded in ethnographic inquiry.  He is especially interested in working with students to theorize political borders as cultural assemblages that cut deep into everyday life and sociocultural boundaries as political artifacts that bear on intersubjective experience.  When not doing anthropology, Marquez Jr. can be found pursuing various audio projects, particularly with the use of a guitar but increasingly with digital software.



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