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African American and African Diaspora Studies Minor

The minor in African American and African Diaspora Studies is designed to provide students with the critical tools required, and to expose them to the historical knowledge and current research necessary for an informed understanding of continental Africa and African American experience today.

The minor will be built around a core of courses that systematically document critical aspects of the African American experience from its antecedents in antiquity to the critical aspects of present day. It will provide students with an interdisciplinary study of the historical and contemporary lived experiences of African descendants in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, as well as continental African nations and its peoples. The minor is also designed to effectively prepare students who desire to continue on to graduate work in African American/African Diaspora Studies.

Participating Departments: Study of Culture and Society, History, English, World Languages and Culture, Philosophy and Religion.

For more information email the Director:

To declare this minor: Use the online Change of Record Request form under the Student Records tab in MyDusis.


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