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Requirements for the Minor in African American /African Diaspora Studies (ADS)
Department for the Study of Culture and Society

 The minor in African American and African Diaspora Studies is designed to provide students with the critical tools required, and to expose them to the historical knowledge and current research necessary for an informed understanding of continental Africa and African American experience today. The minor will be built around a core of courses that systematically document critical aspects of the African American experience from its antecedents in antiquity to the critical aspects of present day. It will provide students with an interdisciplinary study of the historical and contemporary lived experiences of African descendants in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Asia, as well as continental African nations and its peoples. The minor is also designed to effectively prepare students who desire to continue on to graduate work in African American/African Diaspora Studies.

 Students must complete 21 credits from the following:

One Core course (3): This course is a required course for the minor 

ADS 072*/WLC 150

Introduction to African Diaspora Studies (3)

 Two Foundation courses (6 credits): Complete 6 credit hours from the following courses 

HIST 15*

African American History to 1867 (3)

HIST 15*

African American History since 1867 (3)

ENG 065

Introduction to African American Literature (3)

SCSS 167

Sociology of the African American Experience (3)

HIST 060

Africa in World History (3)

SCSS 156

Representing Race: Life History Research (3)

*=special topics numbers; permanent numbers will be created

 Electives (9 credit hours): Complete 9 credit hours from the following.

Note: Elective Courses should represent a mix of History and Philosophy; Race and Ethnicity, and Social, Cultural and Political Issues. These courses focus on Africans and African American culture and experience and on the analysis of race as a social construct that permeates in historical texts, laws and government policies. List of possible courses could change.

 History and Philosophy 

REL 120

Black Christianity & Prophetic Politics (3)

HIST 112

Civil War and Reconstruction (3)

HIST 161

Africa, Africans and Atlantic Slavery (3)

HIST 175

Slavery and Emancipation in the American Past and Present (3)

HIST 115

From Contact to Removal: American Indian History 1492-1840 (3)

HIST 078

Greenwich Village and Harlem (3)


African Philosophy (3)


African American History (3)

HIST 140

Africa’s colonial moment (3)

 Race and Ethnicity

ENG 158

South African Literature (3)

SCSR 114

Rhetorics of Race (3)

SCSS 156

Representing Race: Life History Research (3)

REL 118

Race, Religion and Civic Culture (3)

ENG 165

Postcolonial Literature (3)

ENG 164

Latino/a Literature (3)

 Social, Cultural and Political Issues

HIST 194

African American History as Public History


Post-WWII Civil Rights Movements

SCSA/WGS 145/Honors 138

Global Reproductive Politics (3)


Inequality and Public Health (3)

HIST 067

Sustainable Development in Africa/Cross listed in Business and Honors (3)

SCSA 150*

African Diaspora 

SCSS 167

Sociology of the African American Experience

Final Capstone (3): This course is required for the successful completion of the minor

AADS 199*

Directed Independent Study with the AAADS Director


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