Talent Development Concentration

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Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions for the Talent Development Concentration are listed below.

TD 111: Organizational Learning

This course introduces students to key concepts in the field of organizational learning, emphasizing its strategic nature within the organization. Topics include leading the learning function; organizational learning and andragogy theories; the ADDIE model (analysis, development, design, implementation, and evaluation) of training and development, and nontraditional learning interventions through coaching, mentoring, and cross-training.

Special emphasis will be placed on the first and last components of ADDIE: Needs Analysis and Evaluation (3 credit hours).

TD 112: Learning & Technology

This course introduces critical assessment, collaboration, and learning technologies. Since technology changes constantly, students will also learn how to continuously identify and gain proficiency in new tools.

Ethical and legal considerations related to the use of technology in the workplace are also addressed (3 credit hours).

TD 113: Performance Consulting

This course helps students explore the field of human performance improvement. Students will gain critical skills in applied organizational research, learning to identify performance improvement gaps and to propose appropriate interventions.

Topics include data collection methods, the HPI model, data analysis, and best practices in internal and external consulting (3 credit hours).

TD 114: Designing, Developing, & Facilitating Learning

This course provides an overview of how to design, develop, and facilitate effective learning experiences for adult learners. Design and development topics include writing instructional objectives, selecting appropriate training methods, and designing and developing instructional games and simulations.

Facilitation topics include the rationale for selecting various facilitation methods and approaches for engaging learners (3 credit hours).



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