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How will I know when my order is ready?

Moments after you place your order you will get an order confirmation email alerting you of your order number. When your order is processed you will get an email showing what items are ready for pick up and what items (if any) are in-transit (being filled by another location). The in-transit items will be updated with accessible FedEx tracking allowing you to see when they are delivered and thus available for pick-up.

What do I need to present in order to pick-up my order?

At the order pick-up counter you will be asked to write down your last name and the last 2 digits of your order number. Your order number is emailed to you when you place your order.

Do I have to order my books online?

No. You may do your shopping in-store or on-line. If you place your order online you should allow 24 hours for the item to be processed. So, if you need a book right away it is better to come to bookstore and make your purchase through the check-out.

Can I pay for my books online with my Financial Aid?


What does it mean if I get a Patron ID email?

When you choose to rent, you will receive a patron ID email showing that Follett was able to validate your ability to rent. Once this happens continue on to complete your purchase.  Your order is not placed, until you get the order confirmation number. 

When I checked online, it said you had a book in stock that is not on the shelf.

When a book says that it is in stock online, it means one of our 1200 stores has this book in stock, not necessarily that our store has it.

I placed an order 5 minutes ago, can I pick it up?

Orders take time to show up on our end and to be processed. If it is during rush, there may be orders placed ahead of yours that our order fulfillment team is working to fill. An order confirmation email is not the same as an order fulfillment email. Please wait for the 2nd email that will tell you it is ready to pick-up or in-transit.

Why did I get some used books when I ordered all new?

You may have selected that it was okay to substitute if we did not have the selected condition available. Or the used book may have been pulled by mistake. The receipt will reflect the condition you were charged for. If a mistake has happened bring it to our attention to correct.

What happens when I order a digital book or subscription online?

In the order confirmation email, scroll to the bottom to the see titles of the virtual items and login information. Even though your order will say “Ready for pick-up” there isn’t anything to pick up when you purchase virtual items.

A book on my order is in-transit, but the book store has it on the shelf. Why is my order still in transit and can I just grab the book I need off the shelf?

When you placed your order; either our book store did not have the book or didn’t have the book in the condition you wanted, so another location picked up your order. In the meantime, our store has gotten the book in. However, once your order is picked up by another location we can’t change or stop it. If you can’t wait for the book to arrive, you should ask to speak to a manager about the option of purchasing one off the shelf and getting permission to return it once your order arrives.

How do I apply a price match to my online order?

When you pick-up your order, take said book, receipt, and price match information to an in-store cashier to execute the price match. You will be issued a store gift card for the difference between the book store price and the price match.

Can I order my books as a guest?

When ordering textbooks it is best to create a bookstore account, this way you have access to order history and do not run into any discrepancies on whether or not your order was actually placed.

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