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Resources and Forms for Faculty/Staff leading International Travel Seminars

Repeat offerings:
If your travel seminar was approved under the new process last year (approved in fall 2014 or after), and there are no significant changes to the syllabus or itinerary, it does not need to be re-reviewed by the school/college curriculum committee. You still need to inform the school/college curriculum committee that you wish to offer the course again, so they can move it forward through their process and sign off on the routing form. School/college curriculum committees need to approve it, even if they do not need to review it again.

New travel seminars:
Faculty/staff members proposing new travel seminars will need to provide curriculum committees with a draft syllabus, draft itinerary, credit calculation worksheet, and routing form.


Travel Seminar Development

Seminar Leader Eligibility

Program Development Guidelines

Program Design Worksheet

Third Party Provider Selection Guidelines

Faculty/Staff Handbook

Standards of Good Practice for Short-Term Education Abroad Programs (Developed by the Forum on Education Abroad)


Travel Seminar Proposal Documents

Call for Proposals J-Term 2019

Routing Form

Credit Hour Guidance

Credit Calculation Worksheet



Risk Assessment Documents

Risk Assessment Worksheet

Travel Warning Policy

Incident Report