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International Exchange

Clermont Ferrand, France // Two Exchange Partners

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Universite d'Auvergne
University and Community Overview:
  • 11,500 students
  • 650 teaching staff
  • 12% international students from 100 countries


Subject Areas of Interest:
  • Business, Economics, and Law

  • Courses will be taught in French
  • Intermediate or Advanced French language proficiency is required
  • Intensive French language study may be arranged prior to enrollment through CAVILAM, in Vichy.

Exchange duration:
  • Semester or full year, direct enrollment


Drake resources (people who’ve been there!):

Mary Edrington, Marketing (
Tom Root, Finance (
Gretchen Beckley, International Programs (

Universite Blaise Pascal
University Overview
  • 14,000 students
  • 1,800 international students from 266 partner universities
Subject Areas of Interest
  • psychology, sport physiology, literature, language, technology, education, business, humanities, computer science, earth science, medicine, math, physics, and engineering
  • Includes research programs in the sciences


Exchange Duration and Language Information
  • Semester or full year, direct enrollment (classes taught in French)
  • Intermediate French proficiency required
  • Intensive French courses offered


Drake Resources (people you can contact who’ve been there)
  • Gretchen Beckley, International Programs (