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International Exchanges

Steps to Apply
  • Complete an Exchange Application Form.
  • Make an appointment with Drake's Study Abroad Advisor, 271-2084. Bring your application.
  • Get verification of language proficiency. (You may enroll in on-site intensive language programs prior to the beginning of the academic term, but there is an additional charge for these programs and you assume a risk that you may not be able to complete the exchange as intended if proficiency is not achieved.)
  • The Study Abroad Office will notify you if you have been accepted by Drake for the exchange.
  • Complete the application process specified by the partner university. The partner university will notify you if are have been accepted for the exchange.
  • Contact Student Financial Planning about how your financial aid will work on an exchange. They will want estimates of your costs abroad including airfare, room, board, books, local transportation, personal expenses, passport, visa and insurance, if any. All these costs are used to calculate your financial aid package. Full financial aid is awarded as if you were enrolled at Drake but living off campus.
  • Complete Drake’s Course Approval Form.
  • Follow the partner university's procedures for enrollment.
  • Follow the partner university's process for securing room and board.
  • Pay full-time Drake tuition (and technology and health center fees) minus whatever financial aid you receive.
  • Arrange for passport, visa and transportation to the partner university.
  • Meet the insurance expectations of the partner university. (Check your insurance to see what is covered when you are abroad and how you should file claims. In some countries you will have to pay at the time of treatment and seek reimbursement afterwards. An International Student Identity Card is also recommended and available through the Student Life Center in Olmsted.)
  • Check the web for information about health issues in the country you wish to visit and for Department of State Travel Warnings. Drake financial aid may not be used to study in a country with a travel warning.
  • Attend a pre-departure orientation at the International Center.
  • Have a good time and learn a lot on your exchange!