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Sustainable Development in Africa

This travel seminar is designed to introduce students to the challenges faced by African countries as they become increasingly integrated into a global world.  Students attending Makerere University Business School (MUBS) join Drake University students for three weeks in Uganda.  Students will critically assess the challenges faced by the citizens in Uganda while the country attempts to achieve sustainable economic development. The course includes a significant service-learning component and students have the opportunity to work with faculty to design a tailored experience based upon their area of interest.

Service-learning projects have included:

  • Working with a health center, providing health information and interviewing community members on services they use and need for future planning
  • Visiting water catchment projects to develop grant proposals for water distribution systems at each location
  • Developing curriculum for a program at a secondary school that is focused on empowering more young girls in Uganda
  • Through a partnership with the Iowa chapter of Days for Girls, providing girls with reusable feminine hygiene products and looking to partner with the local community to produce and sell the kits in Uganda
  • Job shadowing at a local hospital
  • Fundraising for a braille printer for a local organization and developing a business model to help the organization use the printer as a revenue source to cover maintenance and materials after the printer has been acquired

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