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Course Scheduling

Students who are approved for exchange and who meet Drake’s English proficiency requirements will be assisted by the Office of Admission and the appropriate academic department to prepare a schedule of classes. (For more information on English proficiency requirements, click here.)

Course scheduling will be based on the student’s transcript and the list of courses “in progress”.  Special care will be taken to ensure that Drake pre-requisites have been satisfied and that courses previously completed are not duplicated.  

A typical undergraduate course load is four or five courses per semester. A typical law (graduate level) course load is three or four courses. 

Law students will meet with an adviser to plan their schedule after arrival at Drake. 

In order to help non-law students prepare the best possible schedule, the allows students to submit a “wish list” of six to eight courses that interest them. However, by submitting a "Wish List", students are not reserving space in a specific course. It is advised that students discuss their flexibility in course options with their academic advisor before applying to be an exchange student at Drake University, as not all courses are offered every semester. It is imperative that the student understand that it may not be possible to enroll in courses required for his/her degree while at Drake due to scheduling constraints.

When preparing a “wish list” list please refer to the Course Descriptions and the Schedule of ClassesCourse Descriptions include the prerequisites for each course. The Schedule of Classes shows which courses are offered during the next semester.  Please note that many courses listed under Course Descriptions will not appear on the Schedule of Classes because they are not offered every semester

The Schedule of Classes is posted in March for Fall semester, and in October for Spring semester. Courses numbered 200 or above are reserved for students admitted to our graduate programs and are not generally open for exchange students.