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International Student Identity Card (ISIC Card)

Full-time Drake University students enrolled in an education abroad experience are able to purchase an International Student Identity Card, or “ISIC Card”. ISIC Cards provide discounts in travel, food, entertainment, and clothing. 

Also available are International Youth Identity Cards for individuals under the age of 30 and International Teacher Identity Cards for full-time teachers.  Applications for the ISIC, IYIC, and ITIC cards are available in the Drake Student Services Center (lower level of Carnegie Hall). Students age 12 and up who are currently enrolled as full-time, degree-seeking students at an accredited institution can receive the ISIC. Continuing education, language school, and non-degree seeking students are not eligible.

Completed applications for the card may be submitted at the Drake Student Services Center.  Drake ID photos will generally be used for card creation, and completed cards are mailed to your home address.  Applications will be accepted after verifying your identity with a photo ID and collecting payment of $20.00 to $25.00 (depending on card type).

For information on discounts you can receive with the ISIC, IYIC, or ITIC cards, please check out the ISIC Discounts page, or download the ISIC App on your phone.

Call the Drake International office at: 515-271-2084 for more information about the ISIC, IYIC, or ITIC programs.