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The Toolkit is managed by the Office of University Communications & Marketing. Unless otherwise listed in the toolkit, please contact the general office for any questions or additional information.

Office of University Communications & Marketing
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Platform Elements: The Drake University Logo

To request a vector file of a Drake University logo, clients must contact Kristin Dunn, creative director ( Clients should include the intended use of the logo in their request and must agree to the terms and rules of use. There is a one business day turnaround on logo requests.

The primary brand asset of Drake University is the Drake University institutional logo. While colleges, schools, programs, or events may be distinguished, they are not recognized as "identities" and thus do not and will not have logos created to represent them. The Drake logo should always appear on collateral material. The logo should not be used any smaller than 15 percent of its actual size for readability. When placing the mark on merchandise, the Drake logo with the registration mark should be used. 

Clear Space

To maintain the integrity of the logo, do not crowd it with other visual elements. Keep a minimum of clear space around the logo. This minimum is equal to the size of the "e" in "Drake."


Logo Color

The Drake logo can be Drake Blue, black, or white. It should not be produced in any other color or in tints of approved colors. 

Field Color

The Drake logo can sit upon any color as long as there is a high contrast between the field color and the logo color. The logo can also sit on photography, but close attention should be paid to ensure high contrast and readability.

Other Logo Nos

There should never be a drop shadow behind the logo. In addition, do not use the mark in outlines only or in outlines with an interior color. The logo is not to be angled in any way. And, finally, keep the entire logo intact. Elements of the logo can not be separated, and other elements should not be added to it.