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The Toolkit is managed by the Office of University Communications & Marketing. Unless otherwise listed in the toolkit, please contact the general office for any questions or additional information.

Office of University Communications & Marketing
1229 25th St.
Des Moines, IA 50311-4505

P: 515-271-2169
F: 515-271-3789

Platform Basics

Drake's identity platform balances consistency with variety: The grid and standard typography maintain consistency; color, banding, images, secondary typography, and the word/word pair introduce variety, emotion, and individuality for each piece.

All platform elements or a combination of elements can be used when creating covers, posters, postcards, invitations, etc. Collateral interiors do not require a word pair or the strict placement of standard typography. Interiors should simply continue the story begun on the cover.

Standard Typography

The layout of communication materials includes consistent placement of standard typography to communicate information. These elements include the title area, the word/word pair, and the Drake logo. 

Title Area

This space is used to identify who the message is from (such as a unit name or center) or what the piece is (such as a save the date or schedule of events). Typography in this location will always be set in Whitney Light.

Word/Word Pair Area

The word/word pair is used to communicate the resonant theme, spirit, or concept driving the communication, event, or initiative. It should not be the name of the event unless the name communicates the spirit of the event (e.g., Leaders & Luminaries). The word/word pair is usually set in Whitney Black italic but can also be set in Iowan Italic for more formal communications. Transparency can be used to lessen its presence on the page.‌


The Drake logo sits in the lower left-hand corner on all materials unless otherwise noted. Logo size is predetermined by the size of the communication piece.

There are times when a communication piece requires elevating the Drake University logo. This can be done when an audience is unfamiliar with Drake or the physical demands of the communication vehicle require it.


Photography is the key element that works to distinguish one piece from another. Up to two images can be used on covers:

  • The primary image supports the content visually. If the word/word pair is strong enough to communicate the content, only one image may be used.
  • The secondary image works in conjunction with the primary image to support content, represent the school or unit, and/or enhance the overall dynamic quality of the piece.

Banding and Transparency

The platform uses horizontal bands and layering through transparency. This ties collateral together while allowing each piece to be distinct by virtue of the colors used and the size of the bands.