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The Toolkit is managed by the Office of University Communications & Marketing. Unless otherwise listed in the toolkit, please contact the general office for any questions or additional information.

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Platform Elements: Typography

Official Typography

PRIMARY Harfang Pro Light is the primary typeface for the Drake brand. It feels traditional and academic in nature but has a modern edge. It is easy to read at small and large sizes, and its angular serifs speak to the font’s strong character, especially when rendered at large display sizes. When used as display type (e.g., as a headline or primary graphic element), it may be left or right aligned or centered in limited circumstances. When used as body copy it should always be left aligned or justified.
Elements Type Harfang and Proxima
ALTERNATIVE FONTS Not everyone will have access to Harfang Pro or Proxima (see next page). We recommend the following alternative fonts: For Microsoft Office products (Powerpoint, Word, etc.): Cambria (Harfang Pro) or Calibri (Proxima) For emails: Book Antiqua (Harfang Prfo) or Helvetica (Proxima)


Web Typography

UC has identified additional substitute typefaces for use on the web.