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The Toolkit is managed by the Office of University Communications & Marketing. Unless otherwise listed in the toolkit, please contact the general office for any questions or additional information.

Office of University Communications & Marketing
1229 25th St.
Des Moines, IA 50311-4505

P: 515-271-2169
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Photography & Video

Existing Photography Assets

Drake's photography assets are available through SmugMug, and all faculty and staff have basic access to the self-service resource.

Additionally, each college/school and department has a designated power-user who leads photo distribution for their department or college. Check with your dean’s office or department's director to identify the power-user in your unit.

SmugMug Features:

  • Keyword search
  • Download entire galleries
  • Export individual photos at various sizes

Please click the button below and enter your Drake Banner ID and password below to obtain Drake University’s SmugMug account credentials. 

SmugMug Access

Headshot Sessions

Headshot Drop-In Day:

University Communications and Marketing (UCM) holds a portrait session at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. The sessions will be located in the study room next to Pomerantz Stage in the Olmsted CenterThese sessions are free to all faculty and staff. High-resolutions portraits are made available for download through SmugMug. Please refer to OnCampus for more information. 

If you are unable to attend an open call session, UCM holds a two-hour window of studio hours in our office at 1229 25th St. (next door to the Department of Public Safety).

Please contact if you need to book one of the following drop-in dates.

  • Fall 2018 Dates TBD

Event Photography

Most people already have an amazing camera in their pocket. Smartphone cameras now have great capabilities and can be used to effectively capture most events.

Using a smart phone to photograph your event is advisable when:

  • Your event is well-lit
  • You would like to immediately share your images with your audience
  • Your primary goal is to have a record of the event Training Resources is a website that provides members of the Drake community FREE access to a wide library of training and video tutorials. To get set up with a free account, follow the instructions in this guide from ITS.

Independently Contracted Photography

For some events, investing in a professional photographer may be worthwhile. Consider this option if:

  • Your event is dynamic and fast-paced
  • Lighting is limited or challenging
  • Quality of photography takes precedence over timely photography
  • Photography from your event is targeted for use in promotional print pieces

If you would like to hire a professional photographer, please keep these things in mind:

  • It will take some time for the photographer to process and deliver your images to you
  • Photographers are independent contractors as determined by Drake’s Human Resource Department. (A list of approved photographers is below)
  • Freelance photographers book up quickly; reach out with plenty of notice to secure their services

The following professional independent photographers have been approved via Drake University Human Resources:


Jeff Corcoran
515-822-3056 (c)

Jim Heemstra
515-210-5985 (c)

Dylan Huey
515-650-1651 (w)
515-480-9849 (c)

Freelance Student Photographers:

The following Drake students have elected to have their contact information shared with the Drake community. You may contact any of them directly to inquire about hiring or requesting volunteer hours.

These students do not work for UCM and are not affiliated, insured, or guaranteed by our office. UCM is not responsible for their work, nor will our office claim any credit for their photography. Each individual student is free to negotiate their fees, time agreements, and/or contracts on an individual basis.

Elijah Rockhold

Julie Uram

Payson Wick

Project-Based Photography & Videography

UCM provides video and photography services only for projects that focus on the University’s key priorities. Our team works closely with senior leaders to determine and address communication priorities.

2017–2018 Photo Priorities

  • Refresh of undergraduate admission photography
  • Graduate admission photography
  • Supporting new brand roll-out
  • New STEM content
  • Relays week & track meet
  • Bucksbaum lectures
  • Expanding our library for consistent general use (available in SmugMug)

If you have a communication need, please discuss first with the senior leader and/or designated communications coordinator for your area. If together you identify a strategic priority project, reach out to the appropriate UCM director (based on target audience) to discuss.