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Major in Spanish

The Spanish major will equip students for a large variety of positions in industry, social work, medical institutions, and government where advanced proficiency in the Spanish language is required. Students will also be prepared to continue the study of Spanish or a related field in graduate school. They will develop proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Spanish, as well as knowledge and appreciation for the rich heritage of the cultures of Latin America and Spain.

Upon completing the B.A. degree in Spanish, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an advanced level of communicative proficiency in writing, speaking, listening to, and reading Spanish, including a high degree of ability when interacting with native speakers and authentic texts;
  • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by analyzing and responding to various forms of communication in Spanish, including identifying and evaluating arguments, ideas, and evidence; constructing analytical responses to Spanish texts; and pursuing research in some facet of Spanish language or culture;
  • Demonstrate and apply advanced knowledge of the social, historical, political, and cultural aspects of the Spanish-speaking world and apply this knowledge to analyzing authentic cultural aspects. Students will understand how cultural products reflect or construct aspects of the Spanish-speaking world’s history, culture, and identity; and
  • Increase their own global engagement and citizenship by understanding the relationship between language and culture, developing a less ethnocentric perspective, and understanding their own identity better.

Requirements for the Spanish Major

Students will choose a minimum of 33 total hours, which must include the capstone. 27 of them must come from the following list or be Spanish courses taken abroad, but students may opt to complete all 33 from this list.

The approved courses, all of which are three-credit-hour courses, are:

SPAN 052 – Intermediate Spanish II

SPAN 135 – Medical Terminology

SPAN 140 – Practical Speaking and Writing

SPAN 150 – Topics (Students may repeat this course as the topic varies.)

SPAN 151 – National Identity (Students may repeat this course once as the topic varies.)

SPAN 152 – Film (Students may repeat this course once as the topic varies.)

SPAN 153 – Culture and Society (Students may repeat this course once as the topic varies.)

SPAN 154 – Cultural Health Perspectives

SPAN 155 – Spanish for Business

SPAN 160 – Literature (Students may repeat this course once as the topic varies.)

SPAN 161 – Internship

SPAN 165 – Capstone


Students may earn six hours of coursework toward the major that are taught in English and that are related to the cultures of Spain and/or Latin America. Interested students should see a WLC advisor for a list of approved courses.

Students may apply up to eight credits in Spanish through AP, CLEP, or college courses taken while in high school to the major requirements. A minimum of 21 credits must be earned at Drake or at other institutions approved by Drake International.

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