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Working Worldwide Process Calendar

Working Worldwide outreach and promotion on Drake University's campus is typically heaviest during the end of the fall semester and start of spring.  Please pay attention for special information sessions during those times.



  • Late February: Application Made Available 
  • Throughout March: Work on application


  • April 1: Application Deadline
  • First and Second Week of April: Applicant Interviews with Program Staff
  • Last of Week of April: Program Admission Decisions Announced


  • May 1: Confirm Participation and Initial Deposit Deadline
  • First through Third Weeks of May: Interviews with Partner in Kosovo and Potential Employer(s)
  • Mid-May: Pre-Departure Event(s) with Kosovo Consulate
  • End of May/early June: Initial Placement offer from Placement Organization


  • June 1: Remainder of Program Fee Due
  • Throughout June & July:
    • Compile residence permit documents (guidance provided by Drake Global Engagement)
    • Finalize employment contract with Placement Organization (guidance provided by Drake Global Engagement)
    • Additional pre-departure events with Drake Global Engagement and/or Kosovo Consulate in Des Moines (pending availability)


  • Mid-August to early September: Kosovo participants depart based on specific placement.


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